Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

A degree- or certificate-seeking student may, with permission of the program director, request approval from the Graduate School to transfer graduate course work to Appalachian from another accredited graduate school. This coursework must be at the same or higher level than the student's program at Appalachian and must be acceptable in a graduate degree program at the credit-granting institution.

Permission to use transfer hours on a program of study must be granted by both the student's program and the Graduate School. Transfer credit should be reported to the Graduate School as soon as possible, but will not be posted to the student's official Appalachian transcript until official transcripts are received.

Students should arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to the graduate records staff in the Graduate School as soon as grades are posted.

Graduate work included in an earned degree from another institution cannot be included on a program of study.

Time limit:

Transfer credits are subject to the 7-year time limit requirement at the time of graduation.

Number of hours:

The maximum number of hours of transfer allowed is 9 hours for degree-seeking students, and 25% of the number of hours required for certificate-seeking students.

Minimum Acceptable Grades:

The grades earned must be at least "B" (3.0/4.0). A "B-" is not acceptable. Courses with grades of "P" meaning "Passing" or "Pass/Fail" option and grades of "S" meaning "Satisfactory" are not acceptable for transfer.