Research Credit

Research Credit (Courses Numbered 5989/7989)

Graduate courses numbered 5989/7989 were designed primarily to fulfill an enrollment requirement of one credit hour for graduation or for access to facilities needed to complete research for a thesis, product of learning or other capstone experience. The 5989/7989 course number may also be used by a student who needs full-time status, provided that the student meets the following criteria: a) the student has already completed all required and elective course work; and b) the student is actively engaged in research for a thesis, product of learning, and/or other capstone course.

  • A student may enroll in one to three (1-3) hours of courses numbered 5989/7989 during any given semester to count toward full-time status for a tuition remission, a scholarship, or an assistantship.
  • Graduate courses numbered 5989/7989 cannot be included for credit in a program of study.
  • A student will be charged the regular tuition rate for course work numbered 5989/7989 used toward full-time status rather than as the continuous enrollment requirement (reserved for students whose only graduation shortage is either a thesis or product of learning defense, or a comprehensive exam).