Internship, Practicum and Other Courses involving Field Experiences

Internship, Practicum and Other Courses involving Field Experiences

Internships and practicums provide students with opportunities to gain experience with professional practice in their disciplines by offering realistic on-the-job experiences and personal contacts with employers.

The following administrative standards govern internships, practicums, and other field experiences for graduate credit at Appalachian:

Eligibility: Students seeking to pursue an internship, practicum or other field experience must be degree-seeking, certificate-seeking or working toward teacher licensure. Other students must have special permission from the dean of the college or school housing the department and from the Graduate School.

Registration: Students must contact the appropriate academic department advisor for instructions on approval and registration procedures. The academic department will make the final determination as to whether the student's proposed internship/practicum experience is appropriate for the academic program requirements; whether the proposed internship adheres to all University, state, and federal guidelines; and whether the internship/practicum supervisor is adequately qualified.

To register for an internship or practicum, student information must be entered into the internship inventory; please refer to the department office for further information. Students must register in internship/practicum credit for the entire length of the experience. Internship credit will not be awarded retroactively.

Contract: An internship/practicum contract will be completed and entered into the internship inventory outlining the responsibilities of the University, of the student, and of the participating agency or internship host.

Liability Coverage: Appalachian State University requires general and professional liability insurance coverage for all courses coded as internship, practicum, field experience, and clinical.  When a student registers for one of these courses, a fee will be applied to the student's account to purchase liability insurance. For information about coverage, go to

International Internships: A student seeking an international internship or practicum experience must ensure that the office of International Education and Development has certified that the student has completed all required pre-departure paperwork and procedures.