About this Bulletin

The Appalachian State University 2015-16 Graduate Bulletin and Course Catalog is available electronically as HTML from the Registrar's website: registrar.appstate.edu. Persons with limited Internet access who wish to obtain a CD version of this Bulletin should contact the Graduate School admissions team (gradadmissions@appstate.edu; 828.262.2130).

This Bulletin is intended for information purposes only and does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. While this Bulletin presents policies and programs as accurately as possible at the time of publication, the University reserves the right to revise any section or part without notice or obligation.

Persons with questions about policies contained in this Bulletin may seek clarification from the Graduate School (828.262.2130).

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Printing Sections

Applicants: We suggest that applicants print the following sections to assist with navigating the admissions process: Admissions; Expenses and Financial Aid.

Program Requirements: Once admitted, students should print out the section on the relevant program from the bulletin in effect during their term of admission. Those are the program requirements that will be in effect for the student unless permission is requested and granted to change to a newer bulletin.

Rules and Regulations: Please note that changes to the Academic Requirements and Regulations section of the Bulletin are effective for all students regardless of which bulletin was in effect when the student entered.