Mathematics (MA)

Master of Arts in Mathematics

Department of Mathematical Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Mark C. Ginn, Chair and Associate Professor

Ross Gosky, Graduate Program Co-Director and Associate Professor

Holly Hirst, Graduate Program Co-Director and Professor

 The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the Master of Arts in Mathematics (Major Code: 264*/27.0101) with the following concentrations:

  • College Teaching (264B)
  • Secondary Teaching (264C)[T]

This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a rigorous graduate program in mathematics with the added benefit of gaining hands-on training and experience with teaching. It can qualify students for advanced teacher licensure in high school mathematics, prepare students for community college teaching positions, or serve as excellent preparation for doctoral programs in mathematics or mathematics education.

Students pursue one or both of two concentrations.

Concentration in College Teaching - Designed for students who are interested in teaching mathematics at the college level. The course of study follows the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC) guidelines for faculty preparation, in addition to allowing students to complete a rigorous core of graduate level mathematics.

Concentration in Secondary Teaching - Designed for students who are interested in furthering their secondary school teaching credentials. The course of study follows the North Carolina guidelines for advanced (M) licensure in mathematics, as well as CAEP accreditation guidelines on the preparation of master's level mathematics high school teachers.


Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School; official general GRE exam scores; undergraduate coursework in statistics, linear algebra, and analysis. In extenuating circumstances, an applicant may obtain permission to remove deficiencies in coursework after entering the graduate program. Students wishing to pursue the Secondary Teaching Concentration must hold NC "A" licensure or the equivalent in mathematics or a related field.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the criteria for admission to the Graduate School. Meeting this condition does not guarantee admission.

Location: On Campus

 Course Requirements for the Master of Arts in Mathematics
Semester Hours Required (minimum): 36
Required Courses
  • MAT 5330: Mathematical Models (3)
  • MAT 5230: Linear Algebra (3)
  • MAT 5610: Analysis I (3)
  • STT 5811: Statistical Concepts and Applications I (3)
  • 3 s.h. hours of mathematics or statistics content courses chosen with advisor approval.
Concentration (CHOOSE ONE)

College Teaching Concentration (code: 264B)

  • MAT 5420: Teaching Apprenticeship (1+1=2)
  • MAT 5415: Seminar in the Pedagogy of Mathematics (1)
  • MAT 5620: Analysis II (3)
  • STT 5812: Statistical Concepts and Applications II with Probability Modeling (3)
  • Choose one of the following:
    • MAT 5941: Technology for Teaching Mathematics (3)
    • MAT 5910: Investigations in the Teaching of Mathematics (3)
  • MAT 5600: Directed Research in Mathematical Sciences (3)
  • 6 s.h. of elective coursework chosen with advisor approval; students wishing to complete a thesis should select MAT 5999 (3) as one of their elective courses

Secondary Teaching Concentration (code: 264C)
The Secondary Teaching Concentration is designed to meet the advanced competencies as mandated in the North Carolina Excellent Schools Act for Master-level teacher education program and leads to "M" Licensure in North Carolina.

  • CI/SPE 5045: Advanced Topics in Diversity (3)
  • CI/LSA 5585: Teacher Leadership and School Improvement (3)
  • MAT 5520: Capstone Project in Secondary Education (2)
  • MAT 5525: Product of Learning (1+1=2)
  • MAT 5910: Investigations in the Teaching of Mathematics (3)
  • 8 s.h. of elective coursework chosen with advisor approval

Other Requirements for the MA in Mathematics:

  • Thesis: Optional
  • Proficiency: Not Required
  • Comprehensive: Required; see the program director for information on content and timing.
  • Product of Learning: Required for the Secondary Teaching Concentration.

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