Library Science (MLS)

Master of Library Science

Department of Leadership and Educational Studies
Reich College of Education

Terry McClannon, Chair and Associate Professor

Robin Moeller, Program Director and Assistant Professor

The Department of Leadership and Educational Studies offers the Master of Library Science (MLS) in Library Science, General (Major Code: 465A/25.0101) [T]

The Department of Leadership and Educational Studies also offers graduate programs in Educational Media, Higher Education, and School Administration. These programs are detailed under separate headings in this bulletin.

The Master of Library Science (MLS) is nationally recognized bythe American Association of School Librarians (AASL), nationally accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction. The program reflects Media Coordinator (School Librarian) competencies required by the state as well as Public Librarian Certification competencies of the North Carolina Public Librarian Certification Commission. Completion of the program of study entitles the graduate to apply for licensure (076 Media Coordinator) from the State of North Carolina and to apply for Public Librarian Certification from the North Carolina Public Librarian Certification Commission.

Using a combination of off-campus teaching methodologies, the Library Science program mission is to make a positive impact on K-12 students and public library patrons by providing the State of North Carolina with appropriately educated school and public librarians who take leadership roles in the state, nation, and world. High quality faculty, who create authentic learning experiences that blend theory with practice and consistently engage in relevant research, creative, and service activities, help to accomplish this mission. The Library Science program shares a commitment with the Reich College.

The Department of Leadership and Educational Studies serves the education community and the public through:

  • foundations of education courses for teacher education majors
  • research courses to help students develop skills and knowledge needed to understand the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational research
  • graduate programs in public school administration; community college and higher education administration, teaching, developmental education and adult education; library science; and educational media/instructional technology

General Information for All Students: A student working toward a degree and/or licensure in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies must develop her/his Program of Study in consultation with an approved advisor. Degree students taking courses without being officially assigned an advisor and receiving the advisor's approval do so at the risk of not having the courses approved as part of the degree program.

Students pursuing or holding graduate degrees in other departments, and also seeking administration and supervision licensure, must take the necessary courses and internship prescribed by the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies.

Courses in the MLS program are offered in a variety of ways including face-to-face, online, and a combination of online and face-to-face. The method of instruction depends on the course and instructor. Students need access to a computer with Broadband Internet access, a head set, and a microphone. Minimum requirements are Intel Dual Core or Core Duo (PC) 1.6GHz (XP) or 2.0GHz or Intel Mac 1.6GHz (OS 10.6 or Higher), minimum 2 GB memory, 4 GB preferable, and have a video graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0+ and OpenGL 1.3+. Computers less than 2 years old are generally adequate. Additional Software may be required.


Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree* from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School; official general GRE or MAT exam scores.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the criteria for admission to the Graduate School. Meeting this condition does not guarantee admission.

Note: Completing this program entitles students to apply for Public Librarian Certification from the North Carolina Public Librarian Certification Commission; in addition, students who hold NC "A" licensure and present passing scores on the specialty area PRAXIS/NTE are entitled to apply for 076 Media Coordinator Licensure from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Students who do not hold a valid North Carolina teaching license will be required to take additional coursework and internship hours in order to seek 076 licensure.

Location: Online and Off-Campus cohorts begin periodically, and follow a part-time extended format. For information on upcoming off-campus cohorts, please contact the Office of Distance Education:

 Course Requirements for the Master of Library Science (Major Code: 465A)
Semester Hours Required (minimum): 36
Required Courses
  • LIB 5010: Collection Development and Management (3)
  • LIB 5020: Information Sources and Services (3)
  • LIB 5030: Organization of Information (3)
  • LIB 5042: Strategic Administration of Library Resources and Services (3)
  • LIB 5050: Technology and Libraries: Tools, Resources, and Issues (3)
  • LIB 5060: Building Connections Through Community and Culture (3)
  • LIB 5070: Integrating Literature and Media into Instruction (3)
  • LIB 5080: Collaborative Media Program Planning and Evaluation (3)
  • LIB 5195: Critical Issues in Literature and Media (3)
  • LIB 5525: Product of Learning (3)
  • RES 5000: Research Methods (3)
  • Select one of the following in consultation with an advisor – must be completed in a school media center under supervision of a licensed media coordinator:
    • LIB 5900: Internship/Practicum (1+1+1=3)
    • LIB 5910: Applications of Librarianship Standards (1+1+1=3)

Other Requirements for the MLS:

  • Thesis: Not required
  • Proficiency: Not required
  • Candidacy: Required; see the program director for specific timeline and requirements for admission to candidacy
  • Comprehensive: Not required
  • Product of Learning: Required

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