Curriculum Specialist (MA)

Master of Arts, Curriculum Specialist

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Reich College of Education

Susan Colby, Chair and Professor

Sara Zimmerman, Graduate Program Director and Professor

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers the Master of Arts, Curriculum Specialist (Major Code: 416A/13.0301)[T].

The program seeks to prepare Curriculum-Instructional Specialists who demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The purposes and roles of schooling;
  • The basic structure, organization and philosophical theories of school supervision;
  • Principles of management and supervision;
  • Principles and practices of personnel performance appraisal;
  • Educational planning in relation to design, implementation, and evaluation of instructional systems;
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities;
  • The key role of human relations in instructional leadership;
  • Leadership in the effective utilization of knowledge generated by specialists in improving instructional programs;
  • Effective supervisory practices; and,
  • Curriculum planning and development.

The program also seeks to prepare candidates who demonstrate their abilities to:

  • Provide leadership in the implementation of instructional programs;
  • Work harmoniously and effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds;
  • Employ sound planning practices; and
  • Provide instructional leadership in a variety of settings while assisting teachers, administrators and other professional personnel.

Location of Program: This program is offered on campus in Boone in the format described in this Bulletin. Off-campus cohorts are started periodically, and follow a part-time extended program format. For information on upcoming off-campus cohorts, please contact the Office of Distance Education:


+Advanced Licensure: Requirements for this degree were designed, and have been approved by the appropriate bodies at the state level, to meet the advanced competencies as mandated in the North Carolina Excellent Schools Act for Master-level teacher education programs.

Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School; official general GRE or MAT exam scores; North Carolina "A" license or the equivalent from another state.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the criteria for admission to the Graduate School. Meeting this condition does not guarantee admission.

Location: On Campus and Off Campus; Off-Campus cohorts begin periodically, and follow a part-time extended format.

 Course Requirements for the Master of Arts – Curriculum Specialist (Code: 416A)
Semester Hours Required (minimum): 39
  • CI/SPE 5045: Advanced Topics in Diversity (3)
  • CI 5050: Supervision of Instruction (3)
  • CI 5055: Connecting Learners and Subject Matter (3)
  • CI 5060: Curriculum Planning (3)
  • CI 5525: Product of Learning (1-3)
  • CI/LSA 5585: Teacher Leadership and School Improvement (3)
  • LSA 5010: Public School Administration (3)
  • RES 5000: Research Methods (3)
  • Choose one course from the three below:
    • CI 5591: Advanced Curriculum Design in Elementary Education (3)
    • CI 5850: Middle School Curriculum (3)
    • Other Approved Curriculum Class (3)
  • Choose one course from the two below:
    • CI 5900: Internship/Practicum (3)
    • LSA 5900: School Administration and Supervision Internship/Practicum (3)
  • Choose one course from the two below:
    • CI/RE/RES/SPE 5040: Teacher as Researcher (3)
    • RES 5560: Classroom Assessment (3)
  • Choose one course from the two below:
    • CI 5630: Instructional Technology (3)
    • ITC 5220: Digital Technologies in Education (3)
34 to 36
  • 3-5 s.h. of graduate courses to be selected with the advice and approval of the graduate advisor
3 to 5

Other Requirements for the MA – Curriculum Specialist:

  • Thesis: Not required
  • Proficiency: Not required
  • Candidacy: Not required
  • Comprehensive: Not required
  • Product of Learning: Required

For Additional Information: Please visit the following website:

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