Computer Science (MS)

Master of Science in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
College of Arts and Sciences

James Wilkes, Chair and Professor

James Fenwick, Jr., Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor

The Department of Computer Science offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Science (224A/11.0701).

The Computer Science MS program is for students who would like to advance beyond the undergraduate level of professional competence or to prepare for future doctoral study. The curriculum includes a balance between theory and applications and is built around a core of required courses in the basic areas of computer science. Through an appropriate selection of elective courses and thesis topics, students may choose either a theory emphasis or an applications emphasis. The program normally can be completed in two years with the appropriate undergraduate education or work experience.


Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School; official general GRE exam scores; undergraduate course work in: Advanced programming in a high-level language; Discrete mathematics; Introductory theoretical computer science; Data structures; Assembly language; Computer architecture; Calculus (two semesters); Matrix or linear algebra; Calculus-based probability and/or statistics.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet or exceed the criteria for admission to the Graduate School. Meeting this condition does not guarantee admission.

Location: On Campus

 Course Requirements for the Master of Science in Computer Science (Code: 224A)
Semester Hours Required (minimum): 30 (THESIS) or 36
Required Courses
  • CS 5100: Seminar in Computer Science (3)
  • CS 5110: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (3)
  • CS 5483: Computer Architecture (3)
  • CS 5520: Operating Systems (4)
  • CS 5666: Software Engineering (3)
Thesis Option (CHOOSE ONE)

With Thesis (14 s.h.)

  • CS 5998: Thesis Preparation (3)
  • CS 5999: Thesis (6)
  • Approved Electives (5)

Without Thesis (20 s.h.)

  • CS 5800: Project (3)
  • 17 s.h. of approved graduate electives


14 or 20

Other Requirements for the MS in Computer Science:

  • Thesis: Optional
  • Proficiency: Not required
  • Candidacy: Required for thesis option; awarded upon approval of thesis committee and prospectus
  • Comprehensive: A grade of B- or less in any of the required courses listed above requires passing a separately administered examination for the course; an oral defense of the thesis or project is also required
  • Product of Learning: Not required

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