SNH - Spanish

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses in Spanish (SNH)

Additional offerings by the department include courses in French (FRE) and Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC)

James Fogelquist, Department Chair

Spanish (SNH)

SNH 5000. Research and Critical Theory (3).On Demand. Overview of source materials and advanced research methodologies in languages. Study of the various critical movements and disciplinary approaches to language and literature. Practical application of methods for uncovering, evaluating, organizing, and reporting of source material. (Same as FRE 5000.)

SNH 5001. Hispanic Children's and Adolescent Literature (3).F. Critical readings of literary works in different genres written for children and adolescents. Study of the evolution and theory of children's and adolescent literature in Latin America and Spain. Special focus on the cultural background, cross-cultural ties, and pedagogy of children's and adolescent literature. [Dual-listed with SNH 4001.]

SNH 5002. Masterpieces of Hispanic Art and Literature (3).S. Study of seminal works in Spanish and Latin American art and literature, and their literary and cultural impact. Cross-disciplinary approach, taking into account the social, cultural, political, and historical context and impact of texts and objects. Barring duplication of content, the course may be repeated once.

SNH 5003. Hispanic Short Fiction (3).S. A study of the short story in Hispanic literature, which will examine the genre from a cultural and literary perspective. Readings and commentary of selected short stories, especially by women and ethnic authors, will trace the history of the genre and explore its main themes. Primary sources will be complemented by literary historical and critical readings. [Dual-listed with SNH 4003.]

SNH 5005. The 20th Century Hispanic Novel (3).On Demand. A study of the most representative texts of the 20th century Hispanic novel in relation to the respective literary and cultural movements of the time in which the novels were written. The study of primary texts will be complemented by theoretical and critical readings. [Dual-listed with SNH 4005.]

SNH 5023. Poetry in Spain and Latin America (3).F. A study of Hispanic poetry, which will examine the formal and thematic characteristics of the genre through some of the most meaningful texts by Spanish and Latin American poets. The course includes readings and commentaries of poems as vehicles of cultural diversity and self- expression. Special focus is on the pedagogical potential of poetry in the second language learning process.

SNH 5024. Theater and Performance in the Hispanic World (3).S. The course offers an examination of Latin American and Spanish plays and performances from an interdisciplinary perspective, and within the context of Hispanic culture and history. Students will study Hispanic plays and performances as texts, spectacles, and learning tools.

SNH 5026. Hispanic Cultural Studies (3).F. Reading and analysis of articles, books, comics, movies and songs which enable understanding of historical and current cultural issues. The course offers a critical analysis of common definitions and concepts of Hispanic culture, and will provide the opportunity to gain new perspectives relative to literary and cultural artifacts.

SNH 5027. The Media in Latin America and Spain (3).S. Study of newspapers, magazines, music, TV programs, and films as products and producers of culture in Spain and Latin America. The course will provide students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with theoretical approaches to media, and will allow them to develop practical applications of various media in the instructional process.

SNH 5028. Seminar in Spanish Linguistics (3).On Demand. Study and analysis of the Spanish language from a linguistic perspective. The seminar format allows the study of various topics within Spanish linguistics. These may include the study of Spanish in its social and political contexts, Spanish phonetics and phonology, Spanish syntax and morphology, and language variation in the Spanish-speaking world. Barring duplication of content, a student may repeat the course for a total of six credit hours.

SNH 5030. Latin American Thought Through Literature and Film (3).On Demand. Reading and critical analysis of the works of Latin American essayists, novelists, poets and film makers who have shaped, transformed, mapped, and contributed to the evolution of Latin American thought from the nineteenth century through the present.

SNH 5075. Migration in Literature and Film (3).S. This course will be a study of the representation of contemporary migration and its cultural and social impact through meaningful productions in film, fiction, and poems. There will be readings and commentaries of film, fiction, and poetry as vehicles of cultural diversity and self-expression examined with a special focus on the pedagogical potential of these productions in the second language learning process.

SNH 5500. Independent Study (1-3).On Demand.

SNH 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4).On Demand.

SNH 5555. History of the Spanish Language (3).S. Study of the evolution of the Spanish language, with particular emphasis on the history of standardized Spanish and the development of regional variations of spoken Spanish. The approach takes into account the social, cultural, and political factors that have contributed to linguistic change and have shaped the complex fabric of historical and contemporary varieties of Spanish. [Dual-listed with SNH 4555.]

SNH 5565. Advanced Spanish Expression (3).On Demand. An advanced language course where students will have the opportunity to perfect their mastery of the spoken and written language. Students will explore different writing genres and model their work on the literary and cultural narratives written by experienced Spanish writers, and will be provided with the necessary tools to develop their oral language skills. Prerequisites: senior or graduate standing and SNH 3080 (Advanced Grammar and Composition), or consent of the instructor. [Dual-listed with SNH 4565.]

SNH 5989. Graduate Research (1-9).F;S. This course is designed to provide access to University facilities for continuing graduate research at the master's and specialist's levels. Graded on an S/U basis. SNH 5989 does not count toward a degree.

SNH 5999. Thesis (3).On Demand. Graded on an SP/UP basis until the thesis has been successfully defended and received final approval, at which time all grades will be changed to S.