PLN - Community & Regional Planning

Department of Geography and Planning, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses in Community & Regional Planning (PLN)

Additional offerings by the department include courses in Geography (GHY)

Kathleen Schroeder, Department Chair

Community and Regional Planning (PLN)

PLN 5400. Planning Theory and Process (3).F. Foundations of community and regional planning, including linkages with planning theory and growth management, comprehensive planning steps, and how practicing planners use various planning aspects and applications to address contemporary urban and regional issues. (Same as GHY 5400.)

PLN 5420. Human Settlements and Planning History (3).On Demand. Foundations of community and regional planning relating to the growth and development of cities and historical aspects of planning. Examination of how design and form impact the built environment, to include prominent planners who have influenced planning over time. This course focuses on the American city, but some examples may be from European and Asian countries and colonial practices.

PLN 5425. Task-Oriented Group Facilitation Methods (3).S. Learn how to maximize the collective power of groups, organizations, and communities by developing facilitation skills that help groups think, talk, and work together. Application opportunities using these skills include community development, organizational planning, education, government, and other occasions when people want to turn ideas into productive action and meaningful accomplishments. (Same as COM 5425.)

PLN 5431. Planning Methods and Techniques (3).On Demand. Foundations of community and regional planning relating to skills, knowledge, and abilities that practicing planners use to develop a better understanding of place. Scope of research includes components of plan-making (e.g., public opinion surveying; meeting facilitation; and demographic, economic, social, environmental, housing, land use, circulation, and community facilities studies).

PLN 5441. Planning Studio (3).S. Application of planning skills and knowledge to a project. Each studio will have a project focus that may vary (but typically will include comprehensive planning, physical design, economic development, or spatial planning). A real location, fieldwork, and problem-solving are integral parts of this course. Prerequisite: PLN 5431.

PLN 5450. Planning for Sustainable Communities (3).S. This course familiarizes students with the opportunities and challenges of sustainable development in the context of community experience and civic life in the U.S. Emphasis is placed on linking collective behaviors; the social, ecological, and economic impacts of those behaviors; and strategies for increasing sustainability at the community scale. Students will develop a project focused on an issue of sustainability. [Dual-listed with PLN 4450.]

PLN 5460. Environmental Policy and Planning (3).S. An in-depth look at issues of public participation and involvement, intergovernmental relations, and the tools and practices involved with environmental planning in the United States. [Dual-listed with PLN 4460.]

PLN 5470. Community Development (3).F. A study of conventional and alternative strategies used by community development professionals, activists, and community members in urban and rural settings. Community development issues will be discussed, including poverty and race, affordable housing, economic revitalization, environmental justice, and public participation in planning. [Dual-listed with PLN 4470.]

PLN 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4).On Demand.

PLN 5730. Land Use Controls, Planning Law, and Ethics (3).On Demand. Foundations of community and regional planning relating to plan implementation, including a spectrum of land use controls, the legal and constitutional framework of land use controls, and planning ethics.

PLN 5858. Directed Research (3).On Demand. Directed research on a topic selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. The student will write a research paper and present findings orally on the selected topic. Students may not repeat PLN 5858 for credit. Prerequisite: approval of the instructor. (Same as GHY 5858.)