NUT - Nutrition

Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management, Beaver College of Health Sciences

Graduate Courses in Nutrition (NUT)

Sarah Jordan, Department Chair

NUT 5000. Research Methods in Nutrition and Foods (3).S. Examination of research methodologies in nutritional sciences and food systems, familiarization with the relevant research literature, utilization of statistical techniques, collection and interpretation of data, and preparation of reports. Research proposals will be prepared. Prerequisite: a 3 s.h. graduate statistics course at the level of ES 5592 (Data Analysis in Sport and Exercise Science).

NUT 5205. Maternal and Child Nutrition (3).F. An in-depth study of nutritional needs and problems from conception through adolescence, both nationally and internationally. An examination of current trends in dietary intake, nutrition education during pregnancy and childhood, and the role of nutrition in child development. Prerequisite: NUT 2202 (Nutrition and Health) or equivalent.

NUT 5210. Nutrition for the Elderly (3).F. An overview of the physiology, nutritional needs and nutritional status of the elderly and the interaction of nutrition, disease and medication. Lecture three hours. Prerequisite: graduate level status.

NUT 5220. Advanced Concepts in Nutrition and Assessment (3).S. A study of the techniques used to measure and evaluate the nutritional status of individuals and populations. Development of the techniques and skills to initiate and maintain dietary changes. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.

NUT 5250. Dietetic Practice I (3).F. A seminar class designed for students enrolled in the AP4 program (pre-professional practice program) to enhance and supplement supervised practice learning activities. Ethical issues and professional standards will be discussed. Instructors and guest speakers will present and discuss current research relevant to health care in the clinical setting including: nutrition assessment, nutrition education, health promotion, medical nutrition therapies, and interrelationships of clinical care to other systems. Students will be responsible for case presentations and discussion. Graded on an S/U basis.

NUT 5255. Dietetic Practice II (3).S. A seminar class designed for students enrolled in the AP4 program (pre-professional practice program) to enhance and supplement supervised practice learning activities. Faculty and guest lecturers will present and discuss current research relevant to: the health care delivery system, administrative issues including foodservice delivery systems, quality management, nutrition care and education in community settings, and the legislative process. Students will be responsible for case presentations and discussion. Graded on an S/U basis.

NUT 5300. Effective Rural Practice for Health Professionals (3).S. Survey of rural health issues in the United States; simulated practice scenarios involving rural health settings; development of transferable cultural competence skills for successful rural health practice. [Dual-listed with NUT 4300.]

NUT 5500. Independent Study (1-4).F;S. Graduate students may broaden or intensify their program through individual research and involvement in a given area of nutrition.

NUT 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4). On Demand. An opportunity to study a special topic or combination of topics not otherwise provided for the nutrition curriculum. May be repeated for credit when content does not duplicate.

NUT 5552. Medical Terminology/Records (1).S. This course is designed to develop an understanding of the medical terminology and vocabulary utilized in medical records and health professions. Lecture one hour.

NUT 5555. Advanced Nutritional Aspects of Exercise and Sports (3).On Demand. A study of nutrition specific to physical activity and sport performance. The course utilizes reading, presentation, and discussion of published research on carbohydrate, protein, and fat consumption, digestion, and metabolism to demonstrate the importance of diet in exercise performance. A special concentration on ergogenic aids is provided. (Same as ES 5555.)

NUT 5900. Internship (3-12).F;S. A structured field experience supervised by department faculty. A proposal is to be submitted to the graduate committee and be approved for participation the semester previous to beginning the experience. No credit will be given for experience not previously approved. Prerequisite: 15 s.h. of graduate courses toward degree program and approved proposal. Graded on an S/U basis.

NUT 5901. Research Project (1-4).F;S. Implementation of an approved research proposal: collection and analysis of data, preparation of report(s) and presentation of project. NUT 5901 may be repeated for a total credit of four semester hours. Prerequisite: NUT 5000 and proficiency in statistics. Graded on an S/U basis.

NUT 5989. Graduate Research (1-9).F;S. This course is designed to provide access to University facilities for continuing graduate research at the master's level. Graded on an S/U basis. NUT 5989 does not count toward a degree.

NUT 5999. Thesis (1-4).F;S. Graded on an SP/UP basis until the thesis has been successfully defended and received final approval, at which time all grades will be changed to S.