MKT - Marketing

Department of Marketing, Walker College of Business

Graduate Courses in Marketing (MKT)

Unal Boya, Department Chair

MKT 5045. Marketing Research and Information Systems (3).On Demand. An examination of the techniques and procedures involved in the collection, processing, analysis and organization of marketing information both in the U.S. and abroad. Emphasis is placed on how information is stored, disseminated, and used in order that the firm can formulate marketing strategies and develop marketing plans. An ethical perspective will be stressed. Prerequisites: admission to the MBA Program in the Walker College of Business; MBA 5420; CIS 5280; FIN 5020.

MKT 5500. Independent Study (1-4).F;S.

MKT 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4).On Demand.

MKT 5550. International Marketing (3).On Demand. An analysis of cultural, legal, political, and economic factors affecting marketing in world markets. Emphasis is placed upon the differences in life styles, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and their influence upon the marketing decisions of the foreign firm. Prerequisite: MKT 3050 (Principles of Marketing) with a minimum grade of "C" (2.0).

MKT 5610. Consumer Behavior (3).On Demand. An examination of the psychological, sociological, and economic theories of buyer behavior. This is followed by analysis of the major current and classical empirical research studies designed to test the different theories of buyer behavior. Prerequisite: MKT 3050 (Principles of Marketing) with a minimum grade of "C" (2.0).

MKT 5989. Graduate Research (1-9).F;S. This course is designed to provide access to University facilities for continuing graduate research at the master's and specialist's levels. Graded on an S/U basis. MKT 5989 does not count toward a degree.