IND - Industrial Design

Department of Applied Design, College of Fine and Applied Arts

Graduate Courses in Industrial Design (IND)

Richard Prisco, Interim Department Chair

Industrial Design (IND)

IND 5555. Contemporary Industrial Finishing (2).On Demand. Care and maintenance of finishing equipment; selection and use of spray equipment; preparation of the surface to be finished, staining and filling undercoating, top coating, oil finishes, application of simple and synthetic finishes. Lecture one hour, laboratory two hours. Prerequisite: TEC 2005 (Wood Technology). [Dual-listed with IND 4555.]

IND 5557. Design for Manufacture (3).F. The theoretical design, development, and mass production of a manufactured product. To include market survey, design selection, prototype, construction, development of jigs and fixtures, and implementation of process planning and control systems. Lecture two hours, laboratory two hours. [Dual-listed with IND 4557.]

IND 5565. Applied Furniture Design and Construction (4).On Demand. The study of traditional and contemporary furniture, and its importance, design, and construction procedures. The student may design and construct a piece of traditional or contemporary furniture. Lecture two hours, laboratory four hours. Prerequisite: IND 3025 (Advanced Wood Technology). [Dual-listed with IND 4565.]