HED - Health Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Reich College of Education

Graduate Courses in Health Education (HED)

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Susan Colby, Department Chair

Health Education (HED)

HED 5650. Drug Education and Prevention (3).F;S. The primary focus of this course is to introduce the complexities of drug-related issues. The social, psychological, pharmacological, cultural, educational and political aspects of drug use, including alcohol and tobacco, are examined. In addition, the methods, materials and theories of drug abuse prevention in the school and community are discussed. [Dual-listed with HED 4650.]

HED 5710. Teaching Sex Education Within a Family Context (3).F. This course is designed to help health educators learn and develop strategies for teaching family living and sexuality to different age groups such as elementary, middle grades, secondary and adults. Topics to be included are reproductive anatomy, physiology, STD and AIDS, varying cultural differences, and gaining community support. Each student will be responsible for developing appropriate curricular materials for the age group she or he will be teaching. (Same as HPC 5700.) [Dual-listed with HED 4710.]

HED 5730. Teaching Stress Management and Emotional Health (3).S. This course will explore the factors associated with the development of emotional health and the management of stress as a basis for understanding the healthy personality. Emphasis will be directed towards teaching stress management and emotional health within an educational setting. Practical aspects of health education and program planning will be discussed. Students will be encouraged to deepen their commitment to affective teaching by applying the principles of self-esteem building, behavior self-management, communication, and accessing appropriate resources. [Dual-listed with HED 4730.]