FRE - French

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses in French (FRE)

Additional offerings by the department include courses in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC) and Spanish (SNH)

James Fogelquist, Department Chair

French (FRE)

FRE 5000. Research and Critical Theory (3).On Demand. Overview of source materials and advanced research methodologies in languages. Study of the various critical movements and disciplinary approaches to language and literature. Practical application of methods for uncovering, evaluating, organizing, and reporting of source material. (Same as SNH 5000.)

FRE 5001. Francophone Children's and Adolescent Literature (3).S. This course will investigate the history and development of children's and adolescent literature in France and in the francophone world. Study of roles and perceptions of the child and adolescent as these appear in fictional and (auto)biographical writings, and various mass media. Readings may vary.

FRE 5002. Masterpieces of Francophone Art and Literature (3).F. A study of French and Francophone plastic, performance, and verbal art from various historical periods and geographic origins. The course offers a pluridisciplinary exploration of relationships between artistic works and the cultures that produce them. Readings may vary. Barring duplication of content, the course may be repeated for a total credit of six semester hours.

FRE 5003. French Women Writers (3).F. An examination of French women writers and their works from the Middle Ages to the present. The survey will consider examples of many genres women have created, used, or adapted. Primary sources chosen for important themes will be complemented by historical and critical readings. Selection of authors and works will vary from semester to semester.

FRE 5004. The French Media (3).F. The course explores the historical evolution, vehicles of diffusion, purposes, and importance of French media from traditional print to innovative hypertext, and from rudimentary radio to digital broadcasting of the "information age." Coursework includes theoretical readings that complement a "hands-on" investigation and manipulation of these various media.

FRE 5021. Poetry of French Expression (3).S. Comprehensive overview of poetic form, function, and analysis as these pertain to the French- speaking world and French and Francophone literary history. Commented readings of representative poetic texts as products of culture and as tools for language learning.

FRE 5023. Theater and Performance in French (3).F. Study of a variety of aspects pertaining to theatricality and theatrical genres from traditional venues to pop culture icons. Primary texts will be complemented by theoretical works, film adaptations, and other media presentations. Readings may vary.

FRE 5025. French Cultural Studies (3).S. A study of various artifacts, historic events, and cultural practices and theories that have shaped the private and public spheres of social and institutional development in France. Readings may vary.

FRE 5026. Francophone Cultures (3).S. This course consists of an in-depth study of selected literary texts and other cultural artifacts (such as films, newspapers, magazines) that underline the traditional and contemporary aspects of Francophone culture. Laboratory work will be mandatory.

FRE 5500. Independent Study (1-3).On Demand.

FRE 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4).On Demand.

FRE 5555. History of the French Language (3).S. Study of the evolution of French from Latin to its present form; internal developments and external influences. Study of phonology, morphology and syntax of Old French and reading of selected Old French texts.

FRE 5565. Advanced French Expression (3).F. Students will have the opportunity to advance their oral and written proficiencies by examining and using different registers of contemporary spoken French as well as analyzing different written genres. Their oral work will be based on reading and discussing current articles from newspapers and periodicals; their written work will be modeled on selected literary and cultural narratives written by experienced French writers. Prerequisites: senior or graduate standing and FRE 3080 (Advanced Grammar and Composition), or consent of the instructor. [Dual- listed with FRE 4565.]

FRE 5989. Graduate Research (1-9).F;S. This course is designed to provide access to University facilities for continuing graduate research at the master's and specialist's levels. Graded on an S/U basis. FRE 5989 does not count toward a degree.

FRE 5999. Thesis (3).On Demand. Graded on an SP/UP basis until the thesis has been successfully defended and received final approval, at which time all grades will be changed to S.