COM - Communication

Department of Communication, College of Fine and Applied Arts

Graduate Courses in Communication (COM)

Jean DeHart, Department Chair

COM 5150. Strategic Communication (3).On Demand. This course provides advanced study in communication theory and practice foundational to achieving an organization's strategic goals. Topics include the principles of human communication and the strategic communication process, including research, planning, messaging, and evaluation.

COM 5152. Advanced Organizational Communication (3).On Demand. Application of communication methodology to the analysis of organizational communication processes. Students study methods of communication consulting, facilitation, and training. Prerequisite: admission to a certificate program, a graduate program, or permission of the instructor. [Dual-listed with COM 4152.]

COM 5311. Communication in Conflict Management (3).On Demand. This is a course designed to provide the opportunity for students and the instructor to examine and research the central role of communication in resolving conflict within various organizational entities. The course will focus on conflict resolution and negotiation skills required in such environments as management and labor, public administration, families, and education. A particular area of concentration will be selected each semester. Prerequisite: admission to a certificate program, graduate program, or permission of the instructor. (Same as MBA 5311.)

COM 5312. Advanced Crisis Communication/(3). On Demand. A course designed to help students understand the role of communication in the overall management of an organizational crisis. Students will study how to prepare crisis material, including a crisis communication plan and crisis manual.

COM 5425. Task-Oriented Group Facilitation Methods/(3).S. Learn how to maximize the collective power of groups, organizations, and communities by developing facilitation skills that help groups think, talk, and work together. Application opportunities using these skills include community development, organizational planning, education, government, and other occasions when people want to turn ideas into productive action and meaningful accomplishments. (Same as PLN 5425.)

COM 5530-5549. Selected Topics/(1-4).On Demand.