CHE - Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses in Chemistry (CHE)

Claudia Cartaya-Marin, Department Chair

CHE 5070. Advanced Physical Chemistry (4).F. Rigorous treatment of the laws of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Applications to gases, solutions and other condensed phases, studies of surface effects. Lecture four hours.

CHE 5500. Independent Study (1-4).F;S.

CHE 5530-5549. Selected Topics (1-4).On Demand. An opportunity to study a special topic or combination of topics not otherwise provided for in the chemistry curriculum. May be repeated for credit when content does not duplicate. Prerequisite: graduate status.

CHE 5560. Instrumental Methods of Analysis (4).F. A study of some of the modern instrumental methods of analysis including electrochemistry, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, magnetic resonance spectrometry, mass spectrometry and gas chromatography. Prerequisite: CHE 3301 (Physical Chemistry I). Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours.

CHE 5580. Biochemistry I (3).F;S. This course covers the properties of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids and presents a brief introduction to enzymology. Major emphasis is on the chemistry of biological compounds. An introduction to intermediary metabolism is also presented. Prerequisite: CHE 2101 (Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry) or CHE 2202 (Organic Chemistry II). Lecture three hours. [Dual-listed with CHE 4580.]

CHE 5581. Biochemistry I Laboratory (1).F;S. Experimental investigations which supplement the study of the topics in biochemistry. Prerequisite: CHE 2203 (Organic Chemistry Lab I) (or equivalent); co- or prerequisite: CHE 5580 (or equivalent). Laboratory three hours. [Dual-listed with CHE 4581.]

CHE 5582. Biochemistry II (3).S. This course will cover the intermediary metabolism of amino acids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids. Metabolic pathways and their associated enzymes are emphasized. Prerequisite: CHE 4580 (Biochemistry) with CHE 3301 (Physical Chemistry I) recommended but not required. Lecture three hours. [Dual-listed with CHE 4582.]

CHE 5989. Graduate Research (1-9).F;S. This course is designed to provide access to University facilities for continuing graduate research at the master's and specialist's levels. Graded on an S/U basis. CHE 5989 does not count toward a degree.

CHE 5999. Thesis (4).F;S. Graded on an SP/UP basis until the thesis has been successfully defended and received final approval, at which time all grades will be changed to S.