BE - Business Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Reich College of Education

Graduate Courses in Business Education (BE)

Additional offerings by the department include courses in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Curriculum & Instruction (CI), and Health Education (HED)

Susan Colby, Department Chair

Business Education (BE)

BE 5510. Office Management (3).F. Study of the responsibilities, problems and duties of the office manager approached from a management viewpoint; study made in managing the modern office from both a traditional and computerized office systems approaches; study of administering systems and procedures in office work and expansion of knowledge and techniques used to reduce and control office costs. [Dual-listed with BE 4510.]

BE 5555. Advanced Methods in Teaching Business and Marketing Subjects (3).F. This course provides students advanced methodology and classroom strategies in business and marketing education. It places emphasis on current issues such as: best pedagogical practices for business and marketing subjects taught within the school setting, emerging learning environments in which all learners can be successful, authentic assessment appropriate to diverse learners, use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, innovative teaching strategies to design and modify instruction.

BE 5565. Curriculum Development in Business and Marketing Education (3).S. This course provides students with understanding of principles for curriculum design, development, and implementation in business and marketing education. The content focuses on contemporary curriculum design and implementation strategies, a discussion of curriculum development for school-to- work transition, formulation of specific curriculum goals and objectives, identification and selection of relevant curriculum materials, and systematic assessment of the business and marketing education curriculum.

BE 5575. Analysis of Teaching Practices in Business and Marketing Education (2).F. This course provides students with an opportunity to conduct an original and unique action research project in an educational setting. Students will examine interactions in the classroom through in- depth observation and analysis of teaching practices, conduct a survey of literature, and apply action research methodology in workforce development areas such as business and marketing education.

BE 5650. Information Processing Applications for Business and Education Professionals (3).F. In this course, electronic office systems and equipment from an end-user perspective are explored. The course includes work in a variety of information processing applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, graphics, electronic mail, Internet applications, web page design, and integrated projects. Prerequisite: introductory data processing/computer course. [Dual-listed with BE 4650.]

BE 5660. Classroom Management and Assessment (2-3).F. This course provides opportunities for students to understand performance assessment and classroom management strategies needed to teach business and marketing education courses in public schools. Specifically, the course places emphasis in the following areas: multiple assessment strategies, making classroom management decisions and taking action, and documenting and communicating these actions. [Dual-listed with BE 4660.]

BE 5810. Seminar (3).On Demand. [Dual-listed with BE 4810.]

BE 5850. Management of Occupational Education Youth Organizations (3).S. A study of how to organize and administer youth organization in occupational business and marketing education for teachers in order to establish an excellent learning situation. [Dual-listed with BE 4850.]