Hayes School of Music

William Pelto, Dean
Jay Jackson, Associate Dean


The Hayes School of Music houses degree programs at the Master of Music (MM) and Master of Music Therapy (MMT) levels. The following is a listing of the graduate degree programs with corresponding major codes (in parentheses). For more information, consult the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School and/or refer to the Music listing in this Bulletin.

  • Courses in Applied Music (AMU) and Music (MUS)
  • Master of Music (MM) in Performance (558*/50.0903) with concentrations in
    • Collaborative Piano (558W)
    • Conducting (680B)
    • Music Composition (558Z)
    • Performance/Bassoon (558B)
    • Performance/Cello (558C)
    • Performance/Clarinet (558D)
    • Performance/Euphonium (558Y)
    • Performance/Flute (558E)
    • Performance/French Horn (558F)
    • Performance/Guitar (558G)
    • Performance/Harp (558H)
    • Performance/Oboe (558I)
    • Performance/Organ (558K)
    • Performance/Percussion (558L)
    • Performance/Piano (558M)
    • Performance/Saxophone (558N)
    • Performance/String Bass (558O)
    • Performance/Trombone (558P)
    • Performance/Trumpet (558Q)
    • Performance/Tuba (558R)
    • Performance/Viola (558T)
    • Performance/Violin (558U)
    • Performance/Voice (558V)
  • Master of Music Therapy (MMT) (560A/51.2305)